How to get a vietnam visa in Estonia

Offer of the desTypes of visa to Vietnamtinations do not need a short-term visit visa for citizens of Estonia to the U.S. if they have a chip with biometric passports (issued after 2007 to May). Before the trip must apply for an electronic travel authorization. Allow costs 14 USD and is valid for 2 years.

Thai visa can apply for up to 15 days (surcharge) upon their arrival in the country.

Vietnam is also possible to obtain a visa at the border, but pre-approval must be obtained on the Internet, see more here.

China and India visas must be in the embassy before travel.

View more detailed information about visa Eviva Tour website.

Be sure to have a trip going to need a passport, which should remain in force until the end of 6 months.

Visa or travel in spite of the existence of the judgment of each person’s admission or not permitted in a particular state immigration officer. Is necessary for successful passage of sufficient funds, health insurance and accommodation online presence and the ability to seamlessly identify your purpose of travel.


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