Binh Ba Island

Located iBinh Ba Islandn Cam Binh Commune, Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province, Binh Ba Island is considered a breakwater to protect Cam Ranh Bay. Visiting the island, tourists are fascinated by the pristine beauty of the beaches and the friendliness and gentleness of the locals.

Binh Ba Island is near the shore so it takes tourists about one hour by boat from Ba Ngoi Wharf in Cam Ranh City to the fishing port on the island. Here, the infrastructure is quite good with spacious houses, public works and concrete roads that facilitate traveling.

The island is home to about 5,000 locals who earn their living by fishing and seafood processing and farming.

The locals are very hospitable and they are always willing to help tourists in terms of tourism information and accommodations.

Tourists may stay in the locals’ house, cook by themselves or ask the hosts to prepare meals.

The island boasts peaceful and charming scenery formed by surrounding islands, mountains and wonderful beaches, namely Nom, Chuong and Sa Huynh.

Among the beaches, Nom is the favourite beach of both locals and tourists because it has white sand and clean water while Sa Huynh is the most primitive with wild nature and a long sandy beach.

The beaches on the island are close together so tourists can walk or hire a motorbike from the locals.

Besides beaches, tourists can visit famous places on the island, such as Ngu Hanh Tomb and Binh Ba Communal House and war relics left from the war.

Source: VNP

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