8 things you should do in Da Lat

Enjoy cafe, walk on romantic streets, stay overnight in ancient villas or just enjoy time with no job, no internet and no TV, those things are what Da Lat can bring to you. Use the services of Eviva Tour Vietnam to get quality time with your friends and relatives. Here are 8 things you should do when you arrive in Da Lat:

Spend a night in a secluded villa on the Pine Hill

Pine Hill Dalat

In Da Lat now, there are quite a lot of old French villa located on the hill has been converted into hotels. Let’s try to stay in the beautiful villas to feel a quiet and romantic Da Lat.

Drink Café when enjoy Trinh Cong Son music.

Trinh Cong Son’s music is very well known in Vietnam. But when you drink coffee in the tranquil atmosphere of Da Lat, you will like his music more.

Buy warm clothes in a crowded and old market.

Shopping booths selling clothes open every day from 5 pm near Da Lat market. They sell all kinds of items from sweaters to jackets, hats or socks, scarves or other types of products for the winter.

Ride bicycle and contemplate flower.

In Da Lat, flowers are everywhere. Flowers such as roses, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, mimosa, pink cherry blossom and wild sunflowers can be found everywhere in Da Lat. And Da Lat has beautiful streets which do not have traffic lights. Thus, you will have an unforgettable experience when riding though these roads.

A trip on the Old rail system

In the old Da Lat Railway Station, there is a passenger train which has been using steam engine since 1900s. Nowadays, it has been used for serving tourist to travel to “Trai Mat”. The train passes through valleys with field and vegetables grown in greenhouse and comes back to Da Lat Railway Station

Hot food

Cold weather will make you hungry very fast. Da Lat has a lot of delicious and hot food for you to choose. Famous dishes are porridge, snail, and hot soya milk

Celebrate Christmas Eve

A peaceful Christmas Eve in the cold air with Da Lat’s people is a different experience that you have ever experienced. During Christmas day, Da Lat city is decorated by beautiful lights and colorful flowers. The scenery is so beautiful which may be perfect for your unforgettable Christmas night.

by Victor Emeraud

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